Finding Peace through Nature


This is another beautiful video from (can you tell I am a fan?)  Why is it that we find peace by looking at beautiful pictures of nature?

Watching the video just reinforces the my belief that we are part of something that is much bigger than ourselves but that we are a very important part of it.  My favorite phrase is “interconnectedness” which defines for me that we are connected to the beauty around us and that we are part of that beauty.  We can also find inspiration for our own lives by looking around us and recognizing the lessons surrounding us.  The Wheel of the Year is but one example of how Pagans have captured the essence of the nature’s lessons and symbolically created moments in time when we celebrate these insights in the form of Sabbats.

Paganism is generally considered a nature-centered or nature-oriented religion.  This does not necessarily mean that they are nature worshipers but that we connect to divine through nature.  One of the definitions of ‘sacred’ in is ‘entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things.’  Most Pagans view nature as sacred and have incorporated nature as a tool to connect to divinity in its many forms.

It can be argued that not all religions under this umbrella term of Paganism are nature-based/oriented.  Historically, the word in general usage seems to be a term used by the majority to define the beliefs of the others or the minority.  Generally it is the form of organized religion versus the religion of common person or opposing culture.  Though the modern definition of the word Pagan as a self-defining label is hotly debated (see a recent article by Phaedra Bonewits), I enjoyed her analogy when she stated from the outside looking in we all still look like ducks.

I do believe that whatever your religious or spiritual views are though, the beauty of nature can provide you  powerful energy.   Is there any wonder why we find comfort in what we call Mother Nature?  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

About Sam Shryock

I am a resident of Kansas City metro area and have practiced Pagan Spirituality since 2007. I am a third-degree Wiccan with the Correllian-Nativist tradition, the local coordinator for Kansas City Pagan Pride Day, and the host of the monthly Kansas Coffee Coven. I currently work full-time in the Computer Industry. I am a retired Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and have a Masters Degree in Computer Resource and Information Management. Most importantly I am a proud husband, father, and grandfather.
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